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Policy of Laura's Music School

This policy has evolved from many years of my private teaching experience as well as other piano studios throughout United
States. It aims to benefit your child musical study every minute of every lesson.

- Lessons during the school year are based on a monthly tuition which reserves your child a specific weekly
time slot and membership within the studio. Tuition covers your private and group lessons during the school
year, as well as teacher's time spent planning each lesson, attending professional meetings, and Piano
Teachers' Organizations fees. Tuition will remain fixed from month to month, regardless of the number of

-Tuition is due in advance, no later than by the first week of the month. If you are not at the first lesson of
the month for any reason, you must pay the tuition the week before or mail in the tuition by the due date.
Late payments upset instructor’s personal bill-paying process as well as personal income. It is necessary to
ensure that these payments are received on time. Therefore, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed for any
payments received after the 10th of each month. This late charge would best be paid at the time that the
monthly tuition is received, or it will affect the following month's payment.

- Parent-teacher conferences are held during the lessons and are included in the monthly tuition.

- It is important that students keep the momentum of their musical progress throughout the year. However,
there will be more flexibility in the summer schedule to accommodate family vacations and other special
activities. During the summer months, each lesson will be paid at an hourly rate. There should be at least 7
lessons per student in June - August.

-In the rare case of an extended summer absence of six or more weeks, a payment of $100 per student is
required in order to hold a lesson slot in the fall.


Summer Schedule and Tuition


-Regular attendance of lessons is an issue of responsibility and choice on the part of parents and students.

-The piano studio will be open on official school "snow days". Lessons missed due to weather cannot be
made-up or refunded.

-In case of an upcoming scheduling conflict you are aware about in advance, you may swap the lesson times
with another family.

-All missed lessons must be made up at a specified time

-Advanced notice must be given if a student is going to miss a lesson. For weeks you will be on
vacation, please let me know at least two weeks in advance, so I can schedule another student
in your spot.

-24 hour advanced notice must be given if a student is going to miss a lesson for any other

-All "no shows" must still be paid for, and that lesson shall be forfeited.

So, in other words, if you sign up for a time with me, it is your responsibility to attend and pay for this
time. I appreciate your responsibility and respect in this area.

-For the best learning progress the students have to attend 4 times per months. If the month
has 5 weeks, those extra lessons will go towards big Holidays when the school will be closed
as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year Eve, (December 31), and New Year Day, January 1, and
Fourth of July.

The school opens on Memorial and Labor Day and I will ask you to schedule your activities before or
after the music lesson,
Emergency situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

-TARDINESS: Please be on time! If a student arrives late, time will not be taken from the following student’s
lesson to accommodate late arrivals.

-Lessons are by appointment only. Time slots are scheduled prior to the start of each school year.

-Students must arrive for their scheduled lesson time and be picked up immediately after the lessons. If the
parents are late to pick up the child, he/she can stays and wait, but please, remain quite. Let's not distract
the lesson of the other students. Students are expected to bring all necessary music and materials to the

-Lesson time must remain as focused as possible - siblings or visitors are welcome to attend provided they
remain quiet.

-REMEMBER-the studio is an extension of the private residence and must be regarded and respected as
such. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. You may bring a clean pair of socks to wear in
the studio.

- No food or drinks (except water) is allowed in the studio! An exception may be made for adults
only, provided that they assume full responsibility for the expense of cleanup or repair of damage to the
studio due to spills or other like accidents.

-Students must wash their hands immediately before lessons. Instruments are expensive and require
exceptional respect. Clean hands and fingers are a must before playing any instrument. Additionally, piano
keys can be a medium for communicable diseases: simple cleanliness and personal hygiene on everyone’s
part can help reduce disease transmission.

- Students are to come to the lessons ready to learn. Shortly trimmed nails are a must.

-The Studio requires 30 days written notice for students terminating lessons for any reason. Following
the termination notification, a 30 day tuition payment is required. In addition, the Studio reserves the
right to terminate lessons with any student for non-compliance with any of the stated lesson policies and

Studio and Studio Procedures
Termination Policy