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"Anton have decided to become opera singer after he started to take Lubov's (Laura) voice lessons 2 years ago when he was 10 years old. During his study with Lubov he participated in many events where he was singing and many people were impressed by his voice, saying he has a natural talent. I think that 80% of his accomplishments belong to Lubov's hard work with him. I also bring my 5 years old Anna to Lubov that teaches her piano - it is not easy to find a teacher who can start teaching kids at such an early age and Anna loves her piano lessons. We moved to another area and come to Lubov from Prospect Heights, which is about 1 hour away from Aurora, but we believe that her lessons are worth our longer commute time."

Svetlana Ostrovskaya, mother of Anton 12, and Anna, 5
September, 2012

"Before my daughter Cynthia became Miss Lubov’s piano student, she played piano with me at home for almost a year. I taught her ABC knowledge like notes and hand positions. I knew she progressed slowly with me, but I was pretty sure I wouldn’t set her up with a teacher that is not right for her. A lot of time and effort was spent to find a right piano teacher, until we met Miss Lubov. She is such an example of perfect combination of passion and techniques. Being an academically educated musician, she has a lot of valuable things to offer to students: history and theory of music, playing skills and attitude to music.

She not only teaches Cynthia how to play the instrument correctly with hands, but also teaches her how to understand music with heart and soul. Cynthia has learned techniques and also gradually learned to ENJOY music. I have taught Cynthia for about a year myself, and I know how difficult it is to get a 5-year-old learn and keep her interested in the meantime. But Miss Lubov is so great with kids. She knows how to encourage kids and how to dig out student’s latent capabilities. When Cynthia first started, she could put 2 hands together but played simple kid’s songs. Within a month or so, she was on a classical Sonatina, with a lot better hand position. It was such a progress with leap and both my husband and I were amazed! Definitely Miss Lubov should take the credit!
Cynthia has taken piano lessons from Miss Lubov for about 2 years. As a witness of her improvement, I feel so fortunate that we found Miss Lubov. Once when I heard my 7-year-old say “Miss Lubov is the best piano teacher in the history of the world”, I knew her experience with Miss Lubov will be a precious part in her life."

Best Regards!
Helen Tang
September, 2012

"Lubov’s impressive music education, combined with her background in child psychology, makes her the ideal piano and voice coach for all ages. Lubov develops a customized plan for each of her students – tailored to fit their individual skill sets and learning style – and executes it with a friendly and positive approach.

Lubov has been teaching my two sons (ages 7 and 9) piano for over four years now. She is a passionate teacher that sets high standards for her students. I especially admire the way she is able to explain even the most difficult piano techniques with simple analogies that a child can easily understand.

Under Lubov’s guidance, my boys have acquired the skills and confidence to perform at recitals and school events, and at a level above and beyond their peers. Lubov’s love and enthusiasm for music has even inspired my children to take an interest in singing this year, and they have already performed their first solos in public.

I highly recommend Lubov – she is hands down the best music teacher in the Fox Valley area!"

Patti Bianchi
Oswego, IL
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"My two kids who are 10 and 8 years old have been taking piano lesson with Ms. Lubov De Valois for the past 4 years. Ms. Lubov DeValois is a very dedicated teacher who is serious about teaching her students on musicianship and techniques. She is knowledgeable and introduces her students to a wide range of composers and music. She is patient and has a love for children. My kids really enjoy having her as their piano teacher."

Tracy Kwong,
Naperville, IL
September, 2012

"De Valois has been teaching Connor (7years old) and I for two years. She is an outstanding instructor with many great qualities. My son and I feel her greatest quality is that of compassion. She truly cares for the growth in musical knowledge in each one of her students."

Kris Hollarbush
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"We are very happy with our daughter Kate’s piano instructor, Lubov de Valois, and highly recommend her as a talented, passionate and friendly music teacher. Since Kate started piano lessons (February 2008, at zero level), she advanced very noticeably. Furthermore, our daughter started demonstrating more achievement in other disciplines. Kate developed patience and went ahead in school subjects… One example of better results that we believe to have been influenced by music lessons is the recent ISAT score where Kate advanced to 98th percentile. With this very positive experience, we plan to continue piano lessons for Kate and start engaging our younger children, too."

Feel free to contact us via email for more detailed references – Michael_Fedorov@hotmail.com

Michael Fedorov
Saturday, November 29, 2008

"In February of this year (2008) I had joined our church choir. I soon realized that it would be very beneficial for me to take some voice lessons. After browsing the internet I chose to send Laura an email inquiring about her lessons. The thing that attracted me was that she said whether you are 5 or 70 you will "improve."

She responded quickly to my email and then we spoke on the phone. I found myself feeling very comfortable with her and I set up my first voice lesson for that same week. I had never had a voice lesson in my life until this year and I do not read music.

I took lessons from February through May at which time I had to discontinue due to life's circumstances. In three months I not only improved, but I learned so much from her. She is an outstanding teacher and has such a passion for music and what she does. She has been blessed with a beautiful gift that she chooses to share with each of us. In addition, she is a very hard worker and gives her total self to each student and each lesson that she teaches. She believes in us, even if we do not believe in ourselves.

As time went on Laura and I have become very good friends. I believe that nothing is a coincidence. I could have chosen anyone off the internet and I was drawn to Laura. She was sincere, compassionate and cares about each and everyone of her students. Her goal is to give you all that she can so you can learn and improve and take your desires for music to whatever level you choose.

Even though Laura and I do not see each other often we have become a great support to one another. I value and treasure our friendship. I feel God has blessed us both by having us meet. She is a wonderful person and a gifted teacher and I am so grateful she is a part of my life!

I love music whether singing or listening and my plan is to someday return to taking lessons and Laura will always be my instructor!"

Roberta Wojcik
Waterman, IL
Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"We are very grateful to have found Laura as the piano teacher for our 6-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter after a long exhaustive search. With only a few lessons, we noticed marked improvement in my son’s technique and sight-reading skills. With Laura’s help, our daughter has accomplished much more than we thought would be possible for a young child. Because of Laura’s pedagogical training, she is very good at identifying problem areas and very effective in correcting them with her unique methods. She is very good to work with and she is genuinely committed to our kids’ musical success. We cannot be more pleased with our choice of our piano teacher."

Victor and Tracy.
Monday, December 1, 2008

"Luba is a rare combination of piano virtuoso and opera diva. I've been always amazed by her ability to understand a piece from first sight. Even the best musicians first need to read what to play and later think about how to play it. Luba gets the heartbeat and the pulse of the piece right away. She always has some picture or story in her mind for each piece. I guess here her opera talent helps a lot. After all the opera is a visualized music or musicized story depends on how you look at it.

The vocal training gives Luba yet another dimension in her understanding of music. She hears voices! And instruments. For Luba there is no such thing as solo piano music. Behind even the simplest piano piece she hears a complex harmony of instruments and choir voices that help her figure out the dynamics and the internal anatomy of the piece.

Before Luba we have had six piano teachers for about two years period. Simon is a fast growing (musically) young man and many teachers found it difficult to handle the challenges of having an ambitious "prodigy"-like student. I would not say Luba was ready for him either, but she is a quick learner and eventually found the right "wax". I feel Simon learns from her things that he cannot learn anywhere else. Ability to see pictures and story behind the music, to hear the voices and hidden instruments, to see every piece as a multidimensional structure is exactly what makes a good musician exceptional.

After working with Luba for about a half year Simon applied and was accepted in the advanced division of the Tuition Free Conservatory at the Merit School of Music, Chicago. The school offers private lessons at discounted rates but we decided to keep Luba as our main private teacher, because ... well because of all the qualities mentioned above."

Saturday, November 29, 2008

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