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Dr. Lubov Laura De Valois is a Russian born concert pianist, soprano opera singer and a distinguished piano and vocal teacher. She has two Masters Degrees from St. Petersburg conservatory, one in music performance and the other is in pedagogical education with a specialization in child psychology and music. She also has a PhD degree in music history, theory, and composition from the Russian Institute of Art History. In addition to her education, she has a vast amount of professional experience in teaching and performing in both Europe and the US.

Dr. Laura was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She started studying piano from the age of three at the prestigious St. Petersburg Conservatory Pre-college division for the gifted. This is an internationally recognized music school for the young and talented prodigies. Lessons in piano, ear training, music theory, composition and singing were held 6 days per week and required 3 – 6 hours of daily practice.

Dr. Laura started her stage performance at the tender age of four and won first prize in Prague at the age of seven, won first prize in Poland’s Chopin competition. She went on to study music and graduated from the finest music school, conservatory and university. Her performance career took her to many countries and performed with several of the best orchestras around the world. She also performed many solo piano recitals and sang opera in the finest European theatres. In addition, Dr. Laura was also the solo pianist for St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra in Russian for three years.

Besides performing, Dr. Laura loved the creative process of composing. This passion started at the age of five, and she has written many original compositions, recorded CDs and published books with her own music. While in the conservatory, she studied with two greatest Russian composers Sololov and Banecich. She also took private lessons with Dunaevsky, who is a famous soviet composer. Dr. Laura was a member of the house of St. Peterburg’s composer and won a scholarship that took her to Florence Italy during her PhD study. She went on to compose music for theater, children choirs, and taught others how to compose and improvise.

In 1999, she moved to the USA and taught college level piano, voice, music history and music appreciation courses around the Western Illinois area. At the same time, Dr. Laura started her own private studio “Valois Academy of Music and Performance Art”, teaching students to play classical piano and voice singing in Bel Canto style.

For more than three decades, she has taught piano, voice, music history, theory and composition. She gives her heart and soul into teaching and it is her greatest joy to watch her students flourish into a performing artist.

Never skip a day of practice! Practice on the days you eat.
- Dr. Laura

Academy Overview

Valois academy of music for performance art is dedicated to the teaching of piano and vocal training from young beginner to advanced performer. The overall goal is to not only play or sing the correct note but rather be able to analyze and perform with understanding and artistry.


Weekly Piano lessons with individualized lesson plans to develop technique, theory, sight-reading, musicality and performance skills


Weekly voice lessons to develop health techniques such as breathing, posture, vowel pronunciation, pitch accuracy and dynamic range


Best in class Steinway grand piano and digital piano for recording and playback


It is a big holiday for kids to play their pieces with pride and joy!

Online and Master Classes

Online sessions and master classes are now offered

Competition and Exam

Local, regional and national competitions.
ABRSM exams are encouraged for advanced students

Why choose Valois Academy?

"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." - Plato

Do you want a teacher who can share their passion for music and the piano, and kindle it within you or your child? Do you want a professor who will make lessons fun and interesting at the same time?.

These are the keys to finding the right instructor, and this is exactly what I offer you. All these things make my lessons great, for I love to teach; in fact I am sure it is my life purpose.

I want to introduce you to the wonderful world of music. I want you to improve! In fact, I guarantee, whether you are 5 or 70, you WILL improve!!! You will see great results within a month or less!

We will work hard, but have fun in the process. Who knows, perhaps you or your child will one day become one of our nation's greatest, sing on Broadway or play in an Orchestra!


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Let's get connected!

This could be a great chance for you, your child, or maybe just someone you know. For private lessons feel free contact me at lauramusicschool2440@gmail.com, or give me a call at 630-800-8439 for information or to schedule a private lesson.

Sonata by Mozart K 330 in C major

Vicky is my piano student. She played today on our winter recital and gave me chills! She put so much passion and elegance in her performance and so much grace! ❤️

Sonatina in F major by Anton Diabelli, op 168, No. 1

Shawn, 7, is my piano student. I teach him only for 1.5 year. Very talented boy! He feels passions in music.

The Queen Of the Night by W.A. Mozart

Davin, 14, is my voice student.

Les Sauvages by Jean-Philippe Rameau

Finally, we got the final tempo on Les Sauvages by Rameau. Was very hard to do it with online lessons. My 10 y old piano student, only 1.5 yrs of piano study. I was happy for her. She is a hard working girl to get to this result so fast! The video was made from her home as our online recital. We still have "stay at home order" and study piano online.

To hear some of Dr. Laura's own original work, here are few videos.

Magnolias under the snow- my coronavirus escape

This is my original composition. The lyrics and music composed and performed by Lubov Laura De Valois, May 17, 2020. The song was composed on the real story. I had a magnolia tree under my window blooming in May, but suddenly we got a snow storm, and magnolia’s petals were falling under the heavy snow, as parts of my heart. And I thought to compose this song, using Magnolia under the snow as a metaphor to what is going on right now in the world with Covid-19, life never will be the same...and I composed the lyrics how I dream every night to do an escape from this cold and unappreciative World, but all boarders are closed now....and I am stuck... In the end I am singing “ why all dreams are usually finishing with pain”... hope everyone who are struggling with lost and frustration can share my feelings that I put deeply into the music and the words.

Dream: An original composition by Dr. Lubov

Dreams. or our thoughts. Sometimes they are peaceful and calm; sometimes are dark, gloomy, and rush like clouds. We can be relaxed and we can become inflamed. I tried to put it into my music and depict the sound of our minds, hearts and souls.

Spring, Thaw: Another original composition by Dr. Lubov

This is my original composition from 2001, "The Spring, Thaw". I like to compose the program music and I always depict a picture in my music. I see the early Spring, with a lot of ice; and rivers start moving when ice is thawing. Wind, rain, water runs from the hills coming to the rivers. There is flood and all fields, roads, and banks cover with water. The nature is waking up after long winter. Maybe somebodys heart starts waking up too and feels the strong passions, movements, and a lot of thoughts are running though the mind.


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Watch live masterclass in session with Dr. Laura

Topic: The Path from Middle C to Virtuosity

When: August 11, 2020 8:00pm - 9:00pm CST

Detailed event and live session link can be found here.



This policy has evolved from many years of my private teaching experience as well as other piano studios throughout United States. It aims to benefit your child musical study every minute of every lesson.

  • Weekly recurring private lessons are prearranged and especially reserved for each student during the school year. A limited number of absence and make-up lessons are allowed during the school year. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed, it will only be arranged when there is a mutual time available. During the summer, a minimum of eight lessons are required within June, July and Aug. For current enrolled students, here is the link to the Absence and Make-up form.

  • Monthly tuition is due in advance, no later than the first week of the month. The total amount is based on the hourly rate and number of classes per month. A late fee of $10 will be charged if the payment was not received within the first week of the month.

  • Student must have an acoustic piano either upright or grand, no electric piano as the proper hand technique will not be accomplished. Practice assignments will be written in an assignment notebook; students are to practice the entire assignment daily and record the practice time daily in the notebook. A minimum of 60 minutes practice time is recommended for students who are 6 years and older.

  • Conferences between the instructor and the parents will be conducted multiple times during the year, usually after each recital or competition. This time is to mutually define the student’s learning goals and objectives for the year and as well to discuss progress and next steps.

  • In the event a student desires to discontinue piano lessons, four weeks advance notice is requested. Notice should be given in writing via email in addition to verbal notification. Lessons can also be terminated at the discretion of the teacher for any reasons such as lack of practice, frequent absences, frequent makeup requests, behavioral problems, delinquency in payments, or failure to abide by the policy.