Welcome to Valois Academy of Music and Performance Art
Private Piano and Voice lessons in Aurora, Naperville and Chicago Illinois area

Lessons are also available through Skype and FaceTime!

"Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." -Plato

Do you want a teacher who can share their passion for music and the piano, and kindle it within you or your child?
Do you want a professor who will make lessons fun and interesting at the same time?

These are the keys to finding the right instructor, and this is exactly what I offer you.
All these things make my lessons great, for I love to teach; in fact I am sure it is my life purpose.

I want to introduce you to the wonderful world of music. I want you to improve! In fact, I guarantee, whether you are 5 or 70, you WILL improve!!! You will see great results within a month or less!

We will work hard, but have fun in the process. Who knows, perhaps you or your child will one day become one of our nation's greatest, sing on Broadway or play in an Orchestra!

My name is Laura de Valois, and I teach music in the Aurora-Naperville, IL area. I have students from many places, some as near as Chicago, and some even from Indiana!

I have several advanced Music Degrees from several of the finest European Music schools. With these Degrees, I have concentrations in music performance, composition, theory, history, improvisation, and education (both on the piano and voice). I also have much professional experience in teaching and performing in both Europe and the US.

Did you know that Music is one of the oldest styles of Art? Ancient Greek doctors actually treated people by prescribing music, either playing an instrument or singing certain melodies.

Did you know that different music scales can treat different organs of your body? Singing or choral music positively influences the immune system through the reduction of stress hormones.

This could be a great chance for you, your child, or maybe just someone you know. For private lessons feel free contact me at Lauramusicschool2440@gmail.com, or give me a call at 630-800-8439. For information or to schedule a private lesson.

I look forward to hearing from you, Laura.

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